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All In Guatemala started in 2007 when a work group visited to help build church facilities. When they saw how people were living on a daily basis they were called to create there own organization and develop programs that focused on improving people’s everyday needs, for example they install vented stoves and water filters so that people have clean water and can cook inside there homes without breathing in the toxic smoke.

We were moved by there story that we wanted to help by creating a video that tells there story and developing a website so they can spread there message to more people to get the support they need to improve the quality of life for the people of Guatemala. Please visit for more information. 

Our sister company PhotoMozaix is a silver-level sponsor for the Sixth Annual Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles Disc Golf Tournament by Smoky Mtn Discs! The tournament is for the benefit of the South Carolina Cancer Alliance. Our very own shipper and receiver, Katie, will be in the tournament. If you feel called to donate, please consider donating in the name of Katie’s team (Quite the Pair). The team that has the most donations made in their name will win two Disc Golf baskets, which Katie would then donate to a local disc golf course to encourage others to get outside and get active!
To Donate:
1. Click the link below (or copy and paste in URL):
2. Click the yellow Donate button.
3. Select Katie Hudgens (Quite the Pair) as this will reflect you are donating towards Katie’s team. (This is how she can win the baskets to donate them and pay it forward to others. Your donation could be the gift that keeps giving!)

The Mint Hill Community Book Drive was a huge success! Thanks to YOU, Promising Pages now has an additional 1,445 books for children in the greater Charlotte area. Our Partners: Premier Martial Arts Spotlight Performing Arts Academy Bain Elementary School PTA To learn more about Promising Pages, please visit their website.


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