Create A Video With Photos

Create A Video From Photos A Specially Crafted Video that Pulls the Emotion From Your Photos What is Create A Video? Simply put, Create A Video is kind of like a slideshow, except so much more. We invented it long

Video Tape Transfer

Enjoy Your Home Videos All Over Again Your VCR no longer works, and you have hours of home video footage that you can’t bear to lose? You still have a working VCR, but the tapes aren’t playing back quite how they

Film Reel Transfer

Don’t lose your old film to time! You know how it works. You’re cleaning out your attic or garage and find that box of old movie reels. The problem is you don’t have a movie projector to watch them with.

Video Production Company in Mint Hill, NC

Looking to Create a Professional Video for Your Business? With Prices Ranging from $100 to $8,0000, We are the Affordable Solution for Local Business Owners.

Video Editing

Video Editing: The Most Important Part of the Process You want for your video to stand out and engage the viewer. During the editing process, the visuals, audio, sound effects, titles, graphics, and special effects all come together to make

Photo Mozaix 20 X 30 Poster Print

A PhotoMozaix is one large image created from a collection of tiny photos. When creating a mosaic from your pictures, we take hundreds of your favorite images and create a memorable family keepsake your loved ones will enjoy for generations to come!

Who We Are

We started in the memory preservation business in 1985. The secret to our longevity has been our ability to anticipate the changes, and adapt to them while helping our customers do the same. Since it all began, we have seen millions of family photos, films, and slides. It is amazing how similar we all are. This experience has shown us how important ‘family’ is to Americans, and what a beautiful country and world we live in. This has taught us the respect your family memories deserve, and pledge to you they will be treated with care while in our possession. After all, these memories are indeed records of your family history, and can tell your family story for generations to come.

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Very Professional

You guys did a great job on the video everybody loved it and said it was very professional. I will definitely be back for other projects.


Very Satisfied

I was Very Satisfied with the Outstanding Service I received at Create a Video in Mint Hill. Clint was the gentleman who helped me with my order. I had a family member pass away on Wednesday, January 13th & the Funeral was on that Friday Morning, January 15th, which only really left me 24 hrs to get memorial video made. I spoke with Clint on Thursday afternoon, I was able to send him some photos via email to get started on. I also was able to bring some more pictures to add in that morning I was picking the video up, he was able to add them which just took 20 mins. I defiantly will use Create a Video again & Refer Them as well!!! Thank You for Your Help in Creating a Beautiful Video That Will Have a Lifetime of Memories. God Bless

Kelly Flock

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