Do you produce orders in house?

Yes, all orders are done in house.

What if my video tapes are blank?

We do not charge for blank tapes.

My video tapes only have a few minutes on them. What is the charge?

We charge per tape not how much video is on the tape we do offer bulk pricing on large orders.

Is there a way I can see what on my video tapes or film reels before I decide to transfer them?

Yes we can set up an appointment and for a fee of $40 per half hour you can sit with our editor to go through your video tapes.

I have home movie reels but I’m afraid the reels are mostly blank will I still be charged for the full reel.

No, what’s great about our pricing for Home Movie Reels is we charge by foot but for only the footage that we can capture you will not be charged for blank footage.

Can I provide my own Flash Drive or Hard Drive or do I have to purchase yours?

Yes you can bring in your own drives for us to but your files onto you do not have to purchase our drives.

I have a collection of photos, videos and music that I would like to edit together. Is that a service you offer?

Yes we do offer custom editing please give us a call for a quote (704) 846-5588 ext 202

What is your standard turn around?

We can produce most orders in 1 to 2 weeks larger orders may take more time and we do offer rush services if needed.

I can't make it to your location during your business hours. Do you have a drop box?

If you can’t make it during our office hours we can set up an appointment during a weekend or after hours to drop off your items please call (704) 846-5588 ext 202. You can also ship your items to us as well.

My Tapes have mold on them. Is there anything you can do?

Unfortunately we cant transfer tapes with mold.

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