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Your VCR no longer works, and you have hours of home video footage that you can’t bear to lose? You still have a working VCR, but the tapes aren’t playing back quite how they used to? We hear it all the time. Luckily, you can do something about it! Here at Create A Video, we can transfer your treasured memories from videotapes to digital files or DVD so they won’t be lost to time.

How Video Tape Transfers Work

  1. Gather your tapes together.
  2. Either drop off your tapes or ship them to our location.
  3. Once your tapes have been received, our staff will transfer everything on the tape to Digital Mp4 to Flashdrive and/or DVD from start to finish, at the highest quality possible.
  4. Once your tapes have been transferred, you will be contacted by a member of our staff. You will receive your original tapes along with your new Flashdrive and/or DVD copies.


The price is per tape. Create A Video will never charge you for blank tapes or tapes that we are unable to convert. We currently have two options for videotape transfers:

Convert Video Tapes to DVD or Digital Files – Starting at $19.95 per tape.  Quantities of 10 or more for $14.95 per tape

Convert Video Tapes to DVD and Digital Files– Starting at $24.95 per tape. Quantities of 10 or more for $19.95 per tape. We also offer 60 GB flash drives at $25.00 to store your digital files.

DVDs to Digital Files – $9.95 each

Convert 3/4 Tapes/Betacam SP – $24.95 each

PAL VHS Tapes – $29.95 each

***Turnaround time on most VHS transfer orders is 1-2 weeks. Large orders may require additional time.

Additional Tape and Transfer Services

  • Digital Files to DVD – We can convert video files from your phone, camera, or flash drive to DVD starting at $19.95 for up to 2 hours of footage per DVD.
  • We can repair your VHS tapes for $9.95 per tape. We will repair and transfer your VHS tape to DVD or digital file for $24.95.
  • Custom video editing is available starting at $40.00 per half-hour session.
  • Additional DVD copies start at $9.95 each for the first five copies. 6-12 copies – $7.95 each. 13-24 copies – $6.95 each. 25-50 copies – $4.95 each. 51 – 100 copies – $3.50 each. Over 100 copies – $2.50 each.

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