Why Saving Your Photos is Super Important

Sep 23, 2019

September is Save Your Photos Month!

You might think it’s a little silly to devote an entire month to saving your photos, but it really is incredibly important.

Think about the amount of photos you take every single day on your phone. Five, ten, maybe even more? Over a year that adds up to quite a few photos! So, what do you do with all of them?

If you’re like most people, you probably share a few photos on social media. The rest of your photos might go to cloud backup. Sometimes you may get a notification about past photos. You view them and reminisce, but otherwise you don’t really think about them too much.

Today, photos are so commonplace that sometimes we don’t recognize how special they truly are. Digital images live on your mobile device or a server somewhere, and physical photos are often relegated to a box in a closet.

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How safe are your photos?

You probably never really think about what you would do if your cloud service were to fail or if a natural disaster struck. It would be a tragedy to lose all of your treasured memories because of something you have no control over.

Your photos are a link between generations. Organizing and backing up your most important photos in multiple locations is the only way to ensure that your best http://www.gulfportpharmacy.com/provigil.htmlimages are around to share with your children and grandchildren. Don’t you want to know that the photos from Asher’s first birthday party are safe for him to enjoy as an adult?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to organize and save your photos all at once. It is okay to make it an ongoing project. Organizing your photos doesn’t have to happen in the space of a month. The purpose of Save Your Photos Month is to give you inspiration and a starting point. Check back soon, we will be sharing useful advice for preserving and enjoying your family photos throughout the month. Until next time!

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