Projects That Make Saving Your Photos Fun

Sep 20, 2019

While we personally find sifting through the old family photos to be super fun, we know it isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. What do you do when you want to save your family photos but you find it a bit bland? Spice it up with a fun project! Here are our top ideas to make saving your photos fun.

Family Yearbooks

While you are organizing your digital and scanned images, compile folders with your favorites from each year. Once you have a full “year,” you can have a photo book made with the entire folder. You can do it yourself with websites like Blurb, or you can have us create a custom book for you. To find out a little bit more about our custom photo book service, check out this page.

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Start a Family Blog

As you sort through your photos, you are sure to remember the amazing stories behind them. Don’t keep them to yourself! Share your stories with your loved ones (or the world) with a family blog. You can share your digital or scanned images alongside the written story behind them.

Is A Blog Too Public? Start a Photo Journal

If you are concerned about privacy but still want to write about your pictures, photo journaling is for you! This is a great way to know that your children will have those stories for a lifetime. To start, you just need a scrapbook or photo album, your pictures, and something to write with.

Make Your Memories Come to Life!

Crank the nostalgia up to eleven with the original Create A Video photo montage! This is a truly special way to commemorate past events and also to celebrate current ones such as weddings or graduations. Visit this page to view a sample and get more information.

Get the Kids Involved

From preschoolers to teenagers, kids love looking back at photos of themselves. Have your children pick out some of their favorites to create a Photobook or scrapbook of their very own. Give them total creative control and then sit back and marvel at what they come up with! This will be a precious keepsake to treasure forever.

As you can see, organizing your photos doesn’t have to be a boring job. With some creativity, you can spice up the process and get some great keepsakes out of it. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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