Making & Sharing Memories During the Holidays

Dec 6, 2019

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year. There are family gatherings and parties and an overall sense of cozy togetherness. It’s the perfect time to make and share memories with the people you love. Why not add some new family traditions this year? Here are five of our favorites!

Wear Coordinating Outfits for Family Holiday Photos

If you are going to send out holiday cards, you might as well send ones with cute family photos! You can go lowkey with a coordinating color palette or full ham with matching pajamas. It’s so fun to look back on each year’s holiday photo as your family grows.

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Put Together a Holiday Album

Now that you are starting a collection of fun holiday family portraits, you need somewhere to put them all. Why not start a special holiday album that you and your family can pull out flip through during the holiday season? Include photos from events and gatherings to make it extra special.

Host a Cozy Home Movie Night

Host a movie night starring your loved ones! Pull out the old VHS player or have some of your old home movie films and VHS tapes transferred to DVD or digital (we know a GREAT place to have this done!). Invite your home movie “stars” over for a night to remember!

Create A Nostalgic Holiday Playlist

Music has a powerful way of transporting us to a specific time and place. Why not hop over to Spotify and curate a playlist of your family’s holiday favorites? Play it while you open presents together for some festive background noise.

Make Homemade Presents with the Kids

Get crafty with the kids and make some homemade gifts. Scope out the perfect projects on Pinterest, gather your supplies, and spend an afternoon creating heartfelt gifts together. You’ll make memories for years to come!

Adding a few new traditions will make this year’s festivities even more special than the last! What are your favorite holiday family traditions? Share in the comments below.

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