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Of course, you can always bring your tapes in to Create A Video and we’ll be able to fix them for you.  We can even transfer your VHS Tapes to DVD or upload them to a digital file so that you can share with other people across the internet.

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Have you been thinking about getting a Commercial Video made for your business or organization? What’s stopping you? For many people, it’s the fear of the unknown.

From our conversations within the industry, most business owners think local video production is going to cost a lot of money & take a lot of valuable time away from their business.  And if that’s not enough to scare them away, they also may have the worry of getting in front of a camera and shooting footage for all of their fellow customers, friends, and family members to see.

filming a live recording at the place of business

In the past, this has probably been true. Creating a professional quality video for your business was expensive, and depending on the complexity of your project, would most likely take a lot of time.  But with Create A Video, we are striving to change that.

Our professional videographers are able to deliver high-quality video production at a fraction of the cost of other traditional video companies.  And with a flexible shooting schedule, we’re able to make quick work of getting on site and collecting the necessary shots to help you tell your story.

And as for you mild case of Scopophobia (which is the fear of being looked at by other people), there are a number of ways around that as well. Customer Testimonials, Employee Interviews, and Voice Overs, to name a few, are all powerful ways to get in front of your audience and tell more people about the specifics of what makes your business or organization unique.

If you are interested in having some video work done, you can Learn more about our Video Production Services here.

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