Thanksgiving is a great time to get the whole family together. Most families get together to share a meal and maybe watch some football every year. This year, why not step things up a notch? Here are some ideas for fun family traditions that will make lasting memories.

Share a Family Recipe

Are you the only one who has Grandma Mary’s dressing recipe? Scan and print your original recipe card and share it with your extended family! You can leave a stack of recipe cards in a central location (we suggest the dessert table). If your family is the type to make Thanksgiving a formal affair complete with place settings, you can leave a recipe card at each place setting.

Make a Gratitude Tree

This is a really beautiful way for everyone to share what they are most grateful for. First, you’ll place some branches in a vase. Next, you’ll cut out some construction paper leaves, punch a hole in them, and thread them with yarn. Finally, place your branches, leaves, and a couple of pens near the front door with a sign asking everyone to write something they are thankful for on a leaf and hang it on the tree.

Do Something Kind

There are so many ways you can get involved in the community and do good during the holiday season. Contact local shelters, churches and other organizations to find out how your family can help with serving or cooking a meal for others in need. Visit a nursing home to brighten the residents’ day. Deliver meals to people who have to work or are homebound. Let everyone attending dinner at your house know that the “entry fee” will be canned goods to donate to a local food bank.

Put Together a Family Memory Banner

It wouldn’t be a Create A Video blog without involving family photos! Use simple materials – twine, clothespins, cardstock, and family photos – to craft a meaningful decoration for your festivities. Get the whole family involved! Head over to Polkadot Chair for detailed instructions to craft your own.

There you have it! Four simple and fantastic ways you can make special memories with your family this Thanksgiving. Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions? What is your favorite Thanksgiving Memory? Share in the comments below.

Making Lasting Memories with Thanksgiving Traditions
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