School is out and the kids are B-O-R-E-D. Looking for a way to keep the whole family entertained? Have a Family Movie Night! There’s nothing better than reminiscing over family movies in the air conditioned comfort of home.

To start with, you’ll need something to watch. Gather up your favorite home movies – on film, VHS, even your cell phone – and bring them into Create A Video to have them transferred to DVD or a convenient thumb drive to plug into your Smart TV.

Family gathered together watching movies

Once you’ve got your movies ready, you’ll want to set the date! Create A Video’s (un)official Family Movie Night is on the first Friday in August, but any night that you can get the whole family together makes for the perfect time!

Snacks are a necessity. Get creative! Set up a popcorn bar with everyone’s favorite toppings to mix and match. 

Family sitting together on floor eating popcorn while watching movies.

Don’t forget the decor! Make a cozy nest on the couch or floor with plenty of pillows and blankets. Ditch the overhead lighting and string up some twinkle lights for cozy ambiance.

Don’t forget to have the tissues handy! It’s hard not to get emotional watching the kids grow up all over again.

Do you plan on celebrating Family Movie Night this year? Let us know in the comments below! 

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The Create A Video Guide to Family Movie Night