home movie film reelsDon’t lose your old film to time!
You know how it works. You’re cleaning out your attic or garage and find that box of old movie reels. The problem is you don’t have a movie projector to watch them with. No worries! We transfer the three main formats of movie film: 16 mm film, Regular 8 mm film, and Super 8 film.

Digital Transfer Pricing

Transfers for any reel start at $49.95. Footage over 250 feet is 15¢ per foot. Includes color and brightness correction. You are not charged for blank or unusable footage! Keep your memories extra safe! We’ll back up your footage on one of our 60 GB tough-as-nails flash drives for an additional $45.00. Additional DVD copies start at $9.95.

How The Transfer Process Works

  1. Gather your film together.
  2. If you want to put your movie reels in a specific order, please number your movie reels or boxes in the order you want them to be put on DVD. (No projector? Try holding the film up near a bright window or lamp to see the beginning frames.)
  3. If you would like titles identifying each of the movie reels, you can provide us with them in a list based on the movie reel number.
  4. Either drop off your reels or ship them to our location.
  5. Once your reels have been received, our staff will estimate the amount of film you have and contact you with a price estimate before we start the transfer process.
  6. Our highly experienced staff will carefully handle each of your movie reels through our digitizing process.
  7. We will call you once your order is completed. You will receive all of the original reels back with your order.

***Turnaround depends upon the amount of film that you have transferred, but typical orders take 1-2 weeks to complete.



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